Katarina Nitsch & Patrik Bengtsson

Vidundret och porten mot väster (2011) Doldrums (2011)

We must defend ourselves, against the flow, against the floating state, dark forces and objects coming at us. We create a net, a defence and a resistance, a weave of thin but sticky threads. We find the tracks, we gather information, we are everywhere and we are prepared.

Two characters, Owl and Fox, are determined to pursue the fight against the malicious monster threatening the city. Via a liaison office in the center of Gothenburg, they collect data; video clips, texts and image messages from mobile phones sent from their investigators. 

From the liaison office they can govern and give their investigators new clues and directions. On the 17th of June 2011 the continuously submitted material was posted at www. as well as the image from a surveillance camera recording Fox and Owl while working. Then everything went dark and silent. A state of interregnum emerged, and we are still floating now visible at

Are they many, those who compete with you? Yes, and every day they become several. is there a hunt going on? Yes. and a war? Yes, no, more than one. and situations that ...? there are unpredictable dangers that can’t be calculated, sometimes not even perceived. they want our food, our territories, our friends, our innermost thoughts and most fragile desires. they don’t want to defeat us, they want to control us. they have begun to take charge over our concerns to the point that we begin to tremble without knowing why. they want to make us rush uncontrollably in every which way beside ourselves with anxiety.  a force greater than a hurricane threatens to drag us into the insatiable jaws, the darkest of any depth, the Monster. That's why we fly and spy. We look for the same spot and when they think they have us in their grip, when they relax just for one second, then – Owl and Fox, June 2011

Biography Katarina Nitsch is born 1972 in USA, she lives and works in Sweden. Patrik Bengtsson is born 1978 in Sweden, he lives and works in Sweden. Nitsch and Bengtsson studied at the Vz<aland School of Fine Art. For the last couple of years, alongside their respective oeuvres, Gestalten (The Creature) has existed as their joint artistic collaboration. Gestalten is a tool and a figure that has made appearances in Sweden and France so far.

Photo: Hendrik Zeitler