Klas Eriksson

Who are ya?! (2011) No One Likes Us–We Don't Care (2011)

I take an interest in control, power and limitation, through the expressions of performance, video and sculpture. My point of departure is mass-culture, where, employing various strategies, I explore notions of authenticity, power and artistic expression. For the biennial I will do two performances with emphasis on group dynamics and group mentality. One performance will take place on Älvsborgs bridge. 150 participants will at a given signal light flares that are commonly used at football games through out the world. The performance is titled Who are ya?!. 

 The second performance occurs during the opening party. I will DJ the subculture surrounding brittish football. The sounds played have been transformed from youtube videos into sounds from on over 250 burned CDs. Viloence, chants, police reports, music and more will be live mixed. The performance, titled No One Likes Us – We Dont Care, has been made before in public squares, galleries and clubs.

Biography Born 1976 in Sweden, lives and works in Sweden and USA. Klas Eriksson attempts to establish a communicative immediacy that is both visually and conceptually innovative. His works often borrow their expressions from popular culture, subculture and various power structures. Eriksson graduated from the Royal University College of Fine Arts Stockholm in 2010. Recent group exhibitions include Is There any Hope for Optimistic Art, Qui Vive? Biennale, Moscow, and Kontroll at Galleri Dag Andersson, Norrköping. He received the IASPIS grant 2010/2011.

Photo: Hendrik Zeitler