Zille Homma Hamid

Untitled (2011)

In my work for Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art I am searching for diversity and unity. By the principle of repetition, overlapping, interweaving and putting things next to each other, I am combining the areas of textiles, wood, photography and cyanotype to create a work emphasizing the sensory nature of human perception. By exploring the concept of unity in diversity as an expression of unity without uniformity and diversity without fragmentation, I address the interdependence of human and natural worlds. 

I have always been attracted by the compelling beauty of abstract forms, structures and colours in nature. Pattern of ancient cultures and traditions fascinates and inspires me as much as textile and craft. My work appeals to the senses.

The surface of textile, wood and paper responds to the sensory perception. I am very taken by the haptic and visual phenomenon of these materials. A serendipitous patterns created on fabric or paper by dyeing, drawing or printing excites me. Light is necessary for any perception of colour at all. The type of light is responsible for the colour of anything. Colours have different meanings in various cultures and the meaning of colours can also change over time. The associations with colours can vary from person to person and from culture to culture. In my work I am concerned with the social and cultural aspect of art and craft. 

My works originate from combining, taking over, reworking, changing and  further developing. I combine craft and experiment.  I understand my artistic works as a sequential process. Therefore this new project is based on the last works.

The social and political climate accentuates difference, disunity and egozentrism rather than the qualities of unity and productive and constructive energy that we need to sustain our human societies. This process maintains our alienation from the basic roots of our existence, the natural world of which we are part of.  Art has always presented a different way of looking at the instantaneous social and political situation. Even if art gets commercial and popular as now. I see the art for myself as a possibility to escape from a dismal reality. To stimulate the senses to extend the consciousness and in the best case to take the viewer on a sensory journey!

Biography Born 1972 in Germany, lives and works in France and Germany. Zille Homma Hamid is an artist and fashion designer. She is a member of the collective Honey Suckle Company since 1997. In 2003 she established the label Zille Homma Hamid. Recent exhibitions include: Prêt à Partager, group exhibition, Maputo, Mozambique, 2010; Freierfall group exhibition, Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe, 2009; modernmodern, group exhibition (Honey Suckle Company), Chelsea Art Museum, New York, 2009. 

 Photo: Hendrik Zeitler