AnarKrew: An Anti-Archives, Göteborg Carnival on Record

Curator Claire Tancons

Venues: Göteborgs Konsthall and Hasselblad Center 

AnarKrew: An Anti-Archives navigates the confluences between the maritime imaginary, carnivalesque strategies, and anarchist influences constitutive of the protest ethos of the city of Gothenburg. AnarKrew, a play on words between “anarchy” and “crew” or “krewe,” identifies the pirate ship crew and the carnival krewe as proximate anarchists, like the boat is to the float. Setting out on an investigative journey that reinvents the origins of the city of Göteborg in carnival, and of carnival at sea based on the contested etymology carrus navalis, AnarKrew straddles historical, fictional, and mythological narrative modes.

Taking the archives of the forgotten Göteborg Carnival (1982–1993) as a starting point and the so-called Göteborg Riots (2001) as a temporary closure, AnarKrew sets out on an undocumented journey into Göteborg’s counterculture and its wider ramifications across Northern Europe. The use of the document in artistic and curatorial practice is tested as both artists and curator make use of archival material, not so much to recover a lost era as to enable the emergence of a new one. 

AnarKrew: An Anti-Archives claims a geo-psychic territory that encompasses the art gallery at Göteborgs Konsthall and the project room at the Hasselblad Center, as well as Götaplatsen, Esperantoplatsen, Kungsport Avenyn, the port of Göteborg, and the legendary Nefertiti Jazz Club as their inverted spaces. AnarKrew seeks to establish a dialogical space between disparate modes of knowledge production and complementary exhibition models to counter biopolitical manifestations ranging from obfuscation to oblivion.

Where the digital is usually seen as the anti-archives, AnarKrew deploys the instruments of its making through a memory-trigger campaign, the presentation of archives, an exhibition, a street procession, a shop window display, and a special issue of Glänta magazine.

Claire Tancons, Curator


Sonia Boyce (Storbritannien / UK, 1962), Andreas Gedin (Sverige / Sweden, 1958) , Nicoline van Harskamp (Nederländerna / the Netherlands, 1975), Johan Heintz (Sverige / Sweden, 1958), Jean-Louis Huhta (Sverige /Sweden, 1965), Deimantas Narkevičius (Litauen / Lithuania, 1964), New Beauty Council & MYCKET i samarbete med Maja Gunn (Sverige / Sweden etabl. 2008 / 2011), Roberto Peyre (Sverige/ Sweden, 1971), Karol Radziszewski (Polen / Poland, 1980), Psychic Warfare (Sverige / Sweden, 2010), Per Zennström & Lennart Sjöberg (Sverige / Sweden, 1961/Sverige / Sweden, 1961)