Curators Ragnar Kjartansson in collaboration with Andjeas Ejiksson


Venue: Stora Teatern

It’s not a journey, every journey ends but we go on. The world turns and we turn with it. Plans disappear, dreams take over, but wherever I go, there you are: my luck, my fate, my fortune.

Weight is a onetime only event that transpires the theatre, a spectacle. Something like the open auditions for “The Nature Theatre of Oklahoma” in Kafka’s Amerika “It’s calling today only! If you miss this opportunity, there will never be another! … If you decide to join us, we congratulate you here and now!”.

It will happen in the Stora Teatern in the center of Göteborg, in the melancholic history of a theatre that has been marked by periods of a lack vision and ambition. A tense distinction between what is deemed significant and insignificant is manifested in the contrast between the glorious gilded main hall and seemingly useless rooms occupied by conference style furniture.

In theatre the weight is all in one spot, on the stage. A whole world is designed to emphasize this centre. All the other rooms, nooks and corners, sink down with the weight of what unfolds there. Now, weight shifts into a different theatre cosmos where different corners of the building gain significance.

The body has weight, art should have a weight. The show rests on the carnal, the physical existence, by all means experimental. It is an effort to gain a sense of weight: the weight of fate and of the boundaries of existence, the weight of a building and its history. Carolee Schneemann’s work is a constant source of inspiration, her exploration of the politics of desire, sexuality and gender through the body, where expression and liberation stands in the centre. Perhaps it is a feminist show but most importantly the weight and matter of bodies stands in the centre.

Andjeas Ejiksson and Ragnar Kjartansson, Curators


Spartacus Chetwynd (Storbritannien/UK, 1973), William Hunt (Storbritannien/UK, 1977), Eunhye Hwang (Korea, 1978), Nanna Nordström (Sverige/Sweden, 1982), Margrét Helga Sesseljudóttir (Island, 1988), Carolee Schneemann (USA, 1949)