What is GIBCA Extended?

GIBCA Extended is a satellite program that brings together practitioners within the field of contemporary art from all over the Västra Götaland region.

Throughout the entire autumn, the art scene in Västra Götaland gives you the opportunity to enjoy a goldmine of exciting and interesting experiences. In a satellite programme to GIBCA, art galleries, museums, artist collectives and artists have created a panoply of events inspired by the Biennial’s theme. With art as its medium, GIBCA Extended invites you to share thoughts, experiences and challenges relating to how we can meet within—or despite—our different religious or spiritual beliefs.

You can browse the webpage, for a taste of what the art scene in Gothenburg and Västra Götaland has to offer. Remember, all these activities were created by the art platforms themselves, giving you the opportunity for unique art experiences practically every day from 6th of September to 19th of November. Treat yourself to a life-changing and mind-expanding autumn of art—nothing is stopping you!


Participating arenas

BILAGA Limited Edition / Borås konstmuseum / Boy Konsthall / Chawki&Runesson / Dômen konstskola / Felicia Bodin & Sofia Rydbrand / Folkstaden / Four / Fredrika Anderson, Dorna Aslanzadeh & Linn Lindström /  Frihetsförmedlingen / Fröydi Laszlo w. Club Antropocen /  Galleri 54 / Galleri BOX / Galleri HEMMA-HOS Sara Lo af Ekenstam / Galleri Konstepidemin / Galleri Sockerbruket / Gerlesborgsskolan / Göteborg Konst / Hammarkullen 365 / Hammarkullen konsthall / Humanistiska biblioteket, Göteborgs Universitetsbibliotek / Imad Rashdan / Karin Sandberg & Vilda Kvist / Kassell/ZackariassenKonsthallen Blå Stället / Konsthallen Trollhättan / Konstmuseet, Skövde kulturhus / Konstnärscentrum väst / Konstrummet in Skärhamns Library / Kungsbacka konsthall / Långedprojektet / Marika Hedemyr / Monica Funck / Nordiska Akvarellmuseet / Nordiska folkhögskolan / NSFW in association with 3:e Våningen / Nääs konsthantverk / Panncentralen Galleri Mariestad / Pannrummet at Konstepidemin / Skjul Fyra Sex / Smittande oro och mod / Sockerbruket 17 / Steneby konsthall / StoneZone / Strandverket konsthall / Studio Oas / Studio Stenkolsgatan / Textival  / Upper Hand / Vänersborgs konsthall 


Opening of GIBCA Extended, September 6

This year GIBCA Extended opens with the exhibition I Want to Believe, featuring thirteen local and regional artists who give their respective takes on the Biennial theme and present their works at Konstepidemin. The opening will include music and performances. Here you can find more informaiton on the program for the opening.